A Private Family Foundation
Supporting Life-Enriching Programs

Avalon Foundation is a private family non-profit founded by Lisa Stromsoe and Lori Buzzetti which focuses on the children and youth of San Luis Obispo County. It began with a grant from their grandparents, Ray and Thena Dewey, perpetuating a tradition of private philanthropy.


     Since 1999, Avalon Foundation has been lovingly and thoughtfully managed by Stromsoe and Buzzetti. They have recently welcomed the involvement of their adult children, Nicole Stromsoe, Sean Stromsoe, Lauren Buzzetti and Heidi Buzzetti, onto the board. They lend their individual talents while also exploring their own paths and interests which have been molded by their early exposure to art, music, drama, film and sports. Our collective hope is that every child in San Luis Obispo County will have access to the same enriching experiences.

Our mission

In support of life enriching programs in Art, Music and Health primarily serving the youth of San Luis Obispo County.

BOARD members

Lori Hageman Buzzetti

Lauren Buzzetti

Heidi Buzzetti

Lisa Hageman Stromsoe

Nicole Stromsoe

Sean Stromsoe